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The Evolution of Watch Repair Tools and Technologies

At the Watch Doctor we know watches have evolved throughout the years, starting from the intricate craftsmanship of wind-up pocket watches that are still in existence today, and then slowly evolving to the more accurate quartz watches using the power of crystal oscillators to keep the watch in time. Eventually, watches evolved into the purely electronic models that make use of more precise digital technology.

In line with this evolution of watch technologies is the parallel evolution of watch repair tools and their corresponding technologies. These tools can be used to make delicate repairs to intricate components, lubricate certain parts and then clean components. Whether the timepiece on hand is an antique work of excellent craftsmanship or any of the various types and styles of modern watches, there are available repair tools that can keep these watches in good working condition.

Watch Repair Tools for Different Watch Technologies

Expensive timepieces are great feats of craftsmanship that were brought to realization by skilled watchmakers who spent long hours of focus to detail and perfection to create the perfect timepiece. It's important that the correct watch repair tools be used to handle the maintenance, restoration or repair work for these watches.

Such is the case with antique pocket watches that have been in existence for more than a lifetime. These watches have intricate components and parts including gears, hands and small precision screws. Such micro parts require the use of specialized tools like precision screwdrivers, pin removers and installers, demagnetizers, anti-magnet tweezers, precision pliers and magnification tools.

Some of the metallic mechanical parts may have damaged metal pieces, links or bands that may need repair or total replacement. In this regard, watch repairers would need the use of shears, soldering tools or even precision torches to weld or attach pieces in place while carefully avoiding other parts that could be damaged. Such tools are similar to the precision tools used by craftsmen in making intricate jewelry.

Cleaning and lubrication devices are other watch repair tools that are essential when dealing with precision mechanical parts from these types of watches. An ultrasonic bath using non-corrosive solvents can be used to remove embedded dirt and grime of the surfaces of these metallic parts. After these components are cleaned and installed back to their original settings, synthetic lubrication oil should be applied particularly to moving parts to keep them running smoothly in the times to come.

Digital watches on the other hand have less of the mechanical components and more of the newer technology: electronics and other innovative parts that are used in modern watches. Instead of dealing with gears and hands, digital watch repairers would deal with wire crimps, micro motors, display components and surface mounted electronic devices. Watch repair tools specifically designed for electronic parts can be used to repair or replace components and other parts in these types of timepieces.

Technology has gone a long way and this is prevalent even to watches that have evolved from the purely mechanical timepieces of old to the new and modern electro-mechanical devices and state-of-the-art technology that modern watches now feature. This diversity calls for a similar variety in the type of precision watch repair tools that can repair, maintain or restore these watches back to mint condition.





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The Proper Way to Use and Care For Your Automatic Watch


It is with a Self- Winding or Automatic Watch charges itself with the normal movement of your body. The process consists of the rotor, moving back and forth every time the user moves the arm or wrist. The rotor's pendular movement winds the mainspring, a flat coiled spring that powers mechanical watches. For that reason it is called a self-winding or automatic watch. In simple words it means that the user does not need to manually wind the watch with the crown. It is also important to consider that automatic watches will keep a power reserve usually from 24 hours to 72 hours,however there are some watches that hold more than 200 hours of power reserve. This feature favors some users who have the habit of taking the watch off the wrist for less than 24 hours, not having to reset the time eatch time they take it off. Since the first automatic watch was created in 1770 by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, automatic movements are very popular among Swiss Watch Manufacturers. There are some recommendations when it comes taking care of your automatic watch:

It is a good practice to wind your watch once every two weeks if you do not wear your watch regularly. This will ensure that all parts are well lubricated.
If you have not worn the watch for more than a day it is better to manually wind it before wearing it. You should wind the crown until you find some resistance. It is usually enough to wind it about 4,5 turns on most of the watches. Please keep in mind that some watches such as Breitling you will not find resistance when winding it but it is still advisable to wind it around 4 or 5 turns.

It is imperative that you do not set the day or date near midnight since it will disrupt the mechanism.
It is not recommended to wear the watch when playing high impact sports that require constant arm movement such as tennis.
Service your watch once every two years for proper lubrication.

With these tips you should have your watch running and keeping accurate time!


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