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May 20th


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FAQs - Adelaide Watch Jewellery Repairs

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Q:   How much is a replacement watch battery for a watch repair?

A: $15 charge and performed before you can say "how long to fix"? This is fitted by the trained watch doctor staff with an old fashion smile :)


Q:   How do I know if my watch needs a pressure test, and how much is this cost?

A:   The obvious fogging of the watch glass is a give away you must come in and see the Watch Doctor for a watch repair.  The fee is $45 and is recommended over time that the water resistance of the watch deteriorates with age and once the battery is replaced it should have a pressure testing conducted.


Q:   Do you repair my watch from any Australian capital or international?

A:   Yes! It is up to the customer's responsibility to send their Watch, Jewellery, Scratched Watch and describe the symptons to us & send to the below address.
This must include your details (we are not detectives as well) and a clear explanation of what needs attending to.

City Cross
Gawler Pl
Adelaide South Australia 5000


Q:   Do you replace my Watch Glass?

A:   We specialise in ALL watch glass replacements, if we can not polish your existing to save you $$$.   The watch Doctor also cuts glass to size and polishes existing for an amazing watch repair result.

Q:   What brands does the Watch Doctor service?

A:   All and more!!! Omega, Tag, Longines, Seiko, Pulsar, name it we love the challenge!!!


Q:   What makes the Watch Doctor unique than other watch repairers?

A:   Watch Doctor specialises in small jobs, medium, large. Here are some others;
   •   Tackle all jobs, that no one else will touch
   •   Love a challenge - we think outside the watch square ;)
   •   Watch Doctor are the people where 'others' have turned away
   •   Watch Doctor has an Express Service we are proud of.   Where 3 people are continuously in the shop all times, and yes it is crammie.
   •   We have a large array of spare parts on site and off.



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Watch Doctor Address

City Cross

Gawler Place
Adelaide SA 5000

South Australia
Australia 5000

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