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Jun 19th


    Super fast repairs while you wait.

Amazing Designed Quality Diamond Rings Ready To Create Customised - 30 years experience....

Amazing Designed Quality Diamond Rings Ready To Create Customised - 30 years experience....

Custom Designed Diamond Rings

The Watch Doctor specialise in the creation of unique personalised high class diamond rings. Call for a free appraisal of your unique high class ring made to your exact order.

Watch Doctor only sources the worlds finest diamonds.

Price unbeatable! Qualified diamond grader Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)


Discounted up to 50% of RRP PLUS 3 year warrenty all watch sales!

Discounted up to 50% of RRP PLUS 3 year warrenty all watch sales!

Watch Sales Online

Plus Life Time watch battery replacement on every watch sold!!! Brands Jag, Swiss Military, J Spring by Seiko, Victorinox We do watch chronograph repairs All your watch sales needs


Watch Repairs while you wait!!! 30 years experinced Fast Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs while you wait!!! 30 years experinced Fast Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs Express

30 years experienced watch repairs.

Watch Doctor tackle any watch repair job! No job too large or too small with any watch repairs in Adelaide. Watch Doctor simply love a watch repair challenge.

The Watch Doctor is your speciality watch makers, passed from euporean generation to generation like no other. 

Fast and express watch repairs.

Mission Statement

Here at Watch Doctor, we are committed to providing fast and reliable craftsmanship for all your watch repair needs. We pride ourselves for taking on the challenge of intricate repairs. We are unique in the way we give service to our customers as we understand the importance of your exquisite jewelry piece.

If you need jewelry customisation, repair, cleaning or major reconditioning, Watch Doctor will exceed your expectations with the services we render. We have been of service to the people of Adelaide for almost ten years now and we plan to continue the dedication of our founders in the years to come.


Scratched Watch Repairs While You wait

Scratched Watch Repairs While You wait

Scratched Glass Watch Repairs


Watch Doctor also specialises in Scratched Watches and one of few in Australia to perform quality repairs on scratched watches.

Only company in Australia polish minerilsed glass. 24 hour turn around!

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The Proper Way to Use and Care For Your Automatic Watch


It is with a Self- Winding or Automatic Watch charges itself with the normal movement of your body. The process consists of the rotor, moving back and forth every time the user moves the arm or wrist. The rotor's pendular movement winds the mainspring, a flat coiled spring that powers mechanical watches. For that reason it is called a self-winding or automatic watch. In simple words it means that the user does not need to manually wind the watch with the crown. It is also important to consider that automatic watches will keep a power reserve usually from 24 hours to 72 hours,however there are some watches that hold more than 200 hours of power reserve. This feature favors some users who have the habit of taking the watch off the wrist for less than 24 hours, not having to reset the time eatch time they take it off. Since the first automatic watch was created in 1770 by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, automatic movements are very popular among Swiss Watch Manufacturers. There are some recommendations when it comes taking care of your automatic watch:

It is a good practice to wind your watch once every two weeks if you do not wear your watch regularly. This will ensure that all parts are well lubricated.
If you have not worn the watch for more than a day it is better to manually wind it before wearing it. You should wind the crown until you find some resistance. It is usually enough to wind it about 4,5 turns on most of the watches. Please keep in mind that some watches such as Breitling you will not find resistance when winding it but it is still advisable to wind it around 4 or 5 turns.

It is imperative that you do not set the day or date near midnight since it will disrupt the mechanism.
It is not recommended to wear the watch when playing high impact sports that require constant arm movement such as tennis.
Service your watch once every two years for proper lubrication.

With these tips you should have your watch running and keeping accurate time!


Scratch-resistant watch glasses now in stock!

20% Off all watches in stock!

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Exclusively from the Watch Doctor

Watch Doctor Specialty


Watch the time

Watch Doctor Specialise in:

- Free Quotes on all watches and jewellery repairs

- Sell top class Diamonds and Opals onsite citi cross arcade

- Diamond & Opal Experts on site

- Family owned for three generations - Poland / England

- Unbeatable Watch Sales

- Valued watches and jewellery repairs

- Watch Water Testing

- Watch Bands many styles & colours


**No Repair Too Small or Too Large**

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